An Easier Way to Pay Your Friends

Earlier this week we shared more about the NFC Technology behind contactless payments. (Check out that post here.) Today, we’re talking about how you can use five popular apps to pay your friends.

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Payment
Try these apps for splitting grocery runs, takeout or any time you need to pay back a friend or neighbor without exchanging cash face-to-face.

Cash App – Developed by Square, Inc. Includes a $250/week transaction limit with an unverified account. And up to $7,500/week when identity is verified.

Facebook Messenger – Developed by Facebook. $9,999/transaction limit when identity is verified.

PayPal – No transaction limit for a verified account. ($10,000 max per transaction.)

Venmo – A service of PayPal. $299.99/week transaction limit with an unverified account. $2,999.99/week transaction limit when identity is verified.

Zelle – Developed by major banks (including Bank of America, Wells Fargo, JP Morgan Chase and others). Transaction limit of up to $2,500/day for most standard checking accounts with major banks. $500/week transaction limit on Zelle unlinked to your bank.

Bank transfer fees vary by service, but typically you can transfer funds immediatly for a small fee or within 1-3 business days for free.

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Contactless Payment 101

As we come through the impact of COVID-19, contactless forms of payment have become more common over the past several months and, going forward will be important in everyday life. Contactless payment tech is easy to use and healthier than exchanging cash, making it an attractive option for consumers looking for safety and convenience at the grocery store, takeout counter or in some cases, the gas pump.

As this technology continues to catch on in your community, and across the world, we wanted share a quick guide to how it all works.

NFC Technology
“Near-field communication” is the tech that allows for payment exchange between objects and card readers, so you can pay with your smartphone or smartwatch, or by hovering your card over the reader — no swipe or chip insert required.

Popular Payment Methods
* Apple Pay
* Google Pay
* Samsung Pay

Accepted at Most Major Grocery Stores and Retailers
* Grocery stores: Costco, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods
* Food and Coffee: McDonald’s, Panera Bread, Peet’s Coffee
* Retailers: Macy’s, Staples, Target
* Gas Stations: Chevron, Texaco

Stay Safe When Paying on the Go
Contactless is one of the safest ways to pay, since account information is encrypted and not actually transferred to the retailer. Still, prioritize safety with these tips:
* Use only trusted payment platforms.
* Keep strong passwords and enable facial or fingerprint recognition where possible.
* Immediately lock a lost or stolen phone.

Our society isn’t going totally cashless anytime soon, but contactless payment is proving to be a secure, cleaner option at the checkout counter. Hope this helps you out, next time you’re on a grocery run!

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Re-center with Self-Care

In tough times, you need to get your own well-being in great shape first before you’re able to assist others. When you take some time for self-care, you will have more energy to support those around you.

Tips for Self-Care
Try these activities to add self-care to your schedule.

  1. Journal: Writing down your thoughts and experiences helps you process and unload in times of stress. Keep it digital with journaling apps like Day One, Momento (iOS only) or Five Minute Journal.
  2. Daily Self Check-ins: Take a few moments each morning to assess how you’re doing that day. Notice any feelings of anxiety or anger about the day before or the day ahead. Be honest about those emotions throughout your day – this will make for more pleasant interactions with those around you.
  3. Take a Personal Day: Even if you’ve been working remote, take a day to go offline. Spend it doing an activity with your family, or taking a walk outside. Whatever you do, make sure it leaves you feeling recharged and re-energized.
  4. Sleep: This is one of the most neglected self-care activities! Start a bedtime routine that calms you down, so you’re ready to sleep as soon as your head hits the pillow. Aim for at least 7-9 hours per night, according to the National Sleep Foundation.

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Reset, Refocus, Re-center

The events of the past few months have been unprecedented. Now more that ever, it’s important to stay on your A-game and keep your spirits lifted. Be sure to spend some time taking care of yourself!

As you continue to navigate your new normal, we’re here to share some tips for focusing on your own well-being. Reset your goals and reboot your routine so that you feel recharged and ready to support your family, friends and community.

Reset Your Goals
Life happens, and plans change. If you think your goals might need a reset, start here:

  1. Refresh: Re-read the goals you set back in 2019, and determine which ones you’re still able to pursue.
  2. Adjust: Update the goals you are pursuing to reflect your current reality and circumstances.
  3. Evaluate: Look at your current situation to determine what actions are working and which ones are not.
  4. Plan: Write down small steps to take you toward your goals. Include key players and any schedule changes you might need to make.
  5. Act: Carry out your plan, change your habits and march toward your new goals one step at a time.

Refocus Your Routine
Small shifts to help you make the most out of your day-to-day.

  1. Time to Move: Walking, jogging, dancing – anything to get you on your feet to shake (or sweat) off the negativity.
  2. Intentional Media: Adding a positive podcast or book into your media routine can help keep you on a productive track.
  3. Your Health First: Prioritizing personal health will help you feel physically and mentally stronger.
  4. Accountability is Key: If you have a friend who wants to also kick some old habits or restart their routine, connect with them and take the reset together.

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Home Enhancement Checklist

During this difficult and confusing time we want to remind you that our agents are working from home but available to consult with you over the phone at any time. Call us at 781-635-9022 or email

With our area schools and many businesses now closed for several weeks, you will likely be spending a lot of time at home. If you’re planning to list your home for sale later this year, now is a good time to prepare.

Set up a Facetime call with any of our agents to walk through potential home enhancements or get a free market analysis.

And check out this Home Enhancement Checklist for ideas on what you can do now, to ensure a smooth sale later.

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Sold Property Update – January 2020

Lindo Realty Group is off to a strong start in 2020! Here are three listings we sold in the first month of this year.

430 Centre Avenue, Abington, MA
This 3 bedroom/1.5 bath colonial was brand new construction and included hardwoods throughout, a gas fireplace and finished basement. It spent just 8 days on the market and sold for over list price on 1/3/20.

440 Centre Avenue, Abington, MA
The next door neighbor to 430 Centre Avenue, this was another 3 bedroom/1.5 bath colonial home that was newly built. This house spent just 12 days on the market and also sold for over list price on 1/21/20.

1099 West Street, Stoughton, MA
This 3/4 bedroom, raised ranch home included 2 bathrooms and lots of updates! Sold by LRG agent Janet Baxter for just under list price. This home was on the market for 39 days and sold on 1/28/20.

Are you thinking of listing your home? Call or email us at 781-635-9022 or to talk about your real estate goals for 2020!

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2005 vs. 2020; Changing Times, Changing Markets

Many people are approaching this year anticipating another recession. However, times have changed, and there are quite a few differences between the years that led up to 2008 and today that may ease these concerns.

For instance:

  • At the end of 2019, the U.S. jobless claims were at a 50-year-low.
  • When adjusted for inflation, today’s home prices are lower than those in 2006 that contributed to the crash.
  • Subprime or nonprime loans (granted to borrowers unable to qualify for conventional mortgages) only made up a small percentage of loans in the past five years compared to 20% in 2005.
  • Stricter lending standards reduce the likelihood of borrowers defaulting on their mortgages.
  • Homeowners are more cautious, choosing to retain equity in their homes instead of borrowing against them.

Don’t hesitate to call us with your questions on the state of the real estate market! We are honored to share more updates and serve all of your buying and selling needs this year.

*Sources for this post include: U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2019; Seeking Alhpa; U.S. News; and The Mortgage Reports.

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Is Your Home Smart?

Remember the Jetsons, that futuristic family from the popular ’60s cartoon? Their house had all types of neat gadgets and gizmos that you probably wished for in your own life. Believe it our not, today’s tech is making these “homes of the future,” accessible now — and it’s more practical than you might think.

In today’s post, we’re taking a look at some recent smart home innovations. Make coffee with a voice command or turn off the lights from the grocery store! You might be surprised to learn that these kind of smart technologies are actually increasing the value of homes, making them more attractive to potential buyers.

  1. Ring Doorbell – A motion-activated video doorbell system with an app that enables you to see and even speak to visitors at your door from anywhere. Also available for use within your home, for security.
    Cost: $99 – $249
  2. Smart Light Bulb – Dimmable, Wi-Fi-enabled LED light bulbs that allow you to change lighting from anywhere — even while away from home — using an electronic devise of smart speakers.
    Cost: $10 – $12 per bulb
  3. TP-Link Smart Plug – Wi-Fi enabled adapter that you can plug appliances like your coffee maker into, so you can turn them on and off from an app on your smartphone.
    Cost: $15 – $17
  4. Nest Thermostat – A sleek thermostat you can control from your phone or table to adjust your heating and air. This device learns the climate of your home, automatically adjusting the temperature when conditions change.
    Cost: $170 – $235
  5. Smart Speakers – Smart speakers like Google Home or Amazon Echo can use Wi-Fi to sync with your smart electronics, allowing you to use voice commands to lower the lights, turn on the heat or even make your morning cup of coffee.
    Cost: $50 – $200

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The Not-So-Hidden Talents of Your Real Estate Pro

In a world where you can buy or sell a home with the click of a button, the work of a real estate agent becomes even more critical. Sure, you may be able to perform an actual sale on the web, but the extra perks an agent provides simply can’t be replaced by the internet. If you’ve ever worked with a real estate pro before, you know that this process is much more than just a clickable transaction.

This post will share a few “not-so-hidden talents” of the real estate pros at Lindo Realty Group. A home is one of the largest purchases you’ll make in life, and we’re here to make it a positive experience. You know we can help you buy or sell, but did you know we can also provide you with these perks:

Skills for a Smooth Transaction
We use our exceptional sales and marketing skills during every point of the transaction. Our goal is to negotiate a fair and competitive price whether it’s for a home you are selling or the dream home you want to purchase.

Perks After the Sale
We’ll pop by occasionally with small items to brighten your day and send you valuable monthly information. We want to continue our relationship past the sale so you know that we can help with all of your real estate needs.

Save You Time and Energy
We’ll handle all the hard work during your transaction–marketing, communication, paperwork–leaving you with less stress and more time for what you actually want to do.

Network of Referrals for All Your Needs
Our robust contact list of trusted professionals on the South Shore is full of contractors, accountants, mortgage pros and other experts to assist you in any area of your life.

A Real Estate Guide
We’ll stay up-to-date on market trends and news to keep you informed. Whether you’re currently in a transaction or just curious, we’re here to answer your questions and provide information on the market and industry.

Make You a Hero
We’re a part of a vast network of agents across North America who can set your family and friends up with a great experience. If you need a referral for an exceptional agent outside our area, just give us a call.

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Make Your Dreams a Reality

Whether you want to visit the Great Wall of China or start your own business, chances are you’ve got a dream in your life that you’d like to turn into a reality. The hard part is figuring out how to make that happen! With a little inspiration and some direction, it’s possible to translate your dreams into achievable goals.

Last year, I turned my dream of owning my own real estate agency into a reality. Building Lindo Realty Group has required a lot of hard work, but has been worth every minute! In the year and half that we’ve been in business, we’ve welcomed several new and seasoned real estate agents to the LRG team, including my lovely wife, Renee, and celebrated a record number of closings in one month. There is nothing I love more than helping members of the South Shore community buy or sell their homes!

This month, I’m sharing a road map to help you begin your journey. My hope is that this information will leave you hopeful and inspired.

Tips on how to turn your dreams into solid goals:

  1. Visualize Your Dreams – Create a vision board with pictures of what you want to achieve, and glance at it regularly. Don’t worry if your dreams seem far-fetched at first. Dreams require you to do what you’ve never done, to go where you’ve never gone!
  2. Anticipate Obstacles – Think of all the factors that may disrupt your dreams – thoughts such as, “I can’t afford it,” or “The kids schedules are too busy.” As you write your goals, acknowledge your circumstances and plan accordingly.
  3. Set Actionable Goals – Write down steps to help you achieve each goal, like putting away $50 extra per month in a travel fund or getting a passport. Finally, determine by what age or date you will achieve these goals to add urgency.

Best of luck turning your dreams into goals, and goals into results!

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