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Appearances count when it comes to selling houses.  Clean, beautifully arranged homes tend to sell faster and for more money than their competition.  In order to guarantee that our homes are seen in the best possible light, we hire a professional staging consultant to assist with the listing process.  Staging consultants know the market and can view homes with an objective eye.  They offer inexpensive, creative tips for strategically arranging homes in a way that will accentuate the positives and appeal to a wide range of buyers.  This increases the chance of attracting multiple offers and helps ensure that our customers will earn top dollar for their homes. 


Pictures are the most important tool for marketing your home. Homes with great pictures attract buyers, while homes with low quality photos tend to get overlooked.  We hire professional photographers to help our listings look their absolute best when they hit the market. The photographers that we use are experienced in their craft and use DSLR wide-angle cameras. They employ a specific method to ensure top quality photos taken from the correct angles, with proper lighting, and high-resolution. The vibrant, eye-catching photos that result are guaranteed to attract attention and make a great first impression.


Including floor plans in the listing is a good way to attract serious buyers.   We hire a professional to measure and generate floor plans for each of our properties. The finished floor plans display the home’s interior layout, complete with room labels and dimensions.  Our floor plans also include an interactive feature that allows buyers to click on icons to explore the home from their own perspective.  Interactive floor plans help bring the property to life and give buyers a more comprehensive view of the home.   


In today’s market, most people begin the buying process by searching for homes online.  This makes the internet one of the most important places to advertise real estate.  In order to make it easy for people to find and share information about our properties online, we create individual websites for each of our listings.  The websites look great and are custom designed to showcase all the unique features of each home.  They are linked to MLS and posted on all of our social media sites (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).  The beautiful layout is sure to capture attention and help our properties gain maximum visibility.  


A targeted print campaign is a good way to reach additional buyers.  As soon as we list a home, we send “Just Listed” postcards to everyone in the area.  These custom-crafted postcards feature a beautiful picture of the home along with a brief description of the property.  The top-quality paper and design are sure to stand out in the mail.  They may catch the attention of someone looking to upgrade or downsize without moving out of the neighborhood, or someone that has friends or family interested in living nearby.  This is a great way to attract buyers that may have a special interest in the property which can lead to more reliable offers and better deals.


We create high-quality professional brochures as an additional way to market each home that we list.  During the home-buying process, perspective buyers often view so many houses that it can be difficult to keep them all straight.  We help our homes achieve a lasting impression by providing perspective buyers with a take-away brochure that highlights all the important features of the home.  Our brochures are custom crafted and professionally printed on deluxe paper.  They display beautiful pictures and include a thoughtful description of the home.   Our top-quality brochures are designed to capture attention, keep our listings fresh in the buyer’s mind, and drive actions that will increase the possibility a sale.


Don't underestimate the value of a good, old-fashioned "For Sale" sign when it comes to marketing homes.  Yard signs are a great way to draw attention to a property and alert people that it is for sale.   We provide professionally installed, wooden-post yard signs for each of our listings.  Our signs are sturdy, attractive, and easily visible from the street.  They project quality and are likely to attract additional buyers without extracting from the external beauty of the home.  


When it comes to marketing homes, it is important to provide buyers with quick and easy ways to access information.  We create a website sign for each of our properties, so people will know how to find our homes on the internet.  The website sign attaches to the "For Sale" sign in the seller's front yard.  That way perspective buyers that are driving or walking by can use their phones to view photos and find information about our homes on the spot.  Providing potential buyers with instant access to information, increases our chances of holding their interest, securing showings, and making sales.


Showings are an important part of selling a home.  In order to make this process as convenient as possible for both the buyers and sellers, we use a professional scheduling service called ShowingTime.  ShowingTime is a 24 hours service that makes it easier for buyers to schedule showings and provide property feedback.  It also makes it easier for sellers to manage appointments and take part in the home-selling process.  The ShowingTime mobile app allows sellers to confirm or decline showing requests; view upcoming appointments; review showing and feedback activity; and adjust notification preferences.  The convenience of this service helps minimize stress and increases the number of times that our properties are shown.

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