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Smooth Move Letter

Congratulations on your real estate transaction!

In order to do everything possible to help your moving process run smoothly, I have compiled a “Don’t forget to...” checklist for you.

Approximately one week before moving, contact the following utility companies and notify them of the exact date you will be moving into or out of the home. Specify if you would like service put into or taken out of your name. Both the buyer and the seller need to notify the company to confirm the information. Service requests may be made by phone or on the Internet.






United States Post Office

Approximately one week before moving, please call (800) 275-8777, or go to to initiate a change of address order.

Homeowner’s Insurance

**Seller** Contact your insurance agent and cancel your homeowner’s policy for the day of closing. 

If you are staying in your ‘sold’ home for a short time, replace your homeowner’s policy with a renter’s insurance policy (since you no longer own the property).

If I can be of further assistance in helping make your move hassle-free, please call!

Best of luck!



Robbie Lindo

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