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Pond in Whitman Town Park with baseball field and gazebo in background.


Whitman is located about 22 miles south of Boston and only about 17 miles from the beach. Whitman is close to all your everyday amenities including grocery stores, superstores (Target/Walmart), banks, schools, restaurants, and shopping centers. Commuters love that Whitman has an MBTA Commuter Rail stop right in town.

Whitman Schools

Whitman is part of the Whitman-Hanson Regional School District.  It is home to approximately 3,583 students with a 15.5:1 student-teacher ratio.  There are seven different schools in the Whitman-Hanson School District— Whitman students attend the Duval or Conley Schools for K-5th grade, the Whitman Middle School for 6th-8th grade, and the Whitman-Hanson Regional High School for 9th-12th grade. Whitman-Hanson High School was built in 2005 and has state-of-the-art classrooms, a large preforming arts theater, fitness center, tennis courts, and fields. For more in-depth information about the Whitman-Hanson Public School System, visit the Whitman-Hanson Public Schools Website or check out the Whitman-Hanson District Profile on the Massachusetts State Government Page.

Things to Do in Whitman


Whitman is home to a variety of restaurants, many of which are located right in the center of town. A few of the most popular restaurants are McGuiggan’s Pub, The Patio @ McGuiggan’s, and Thai All Seasons. McGuiggan’s is an Irish sport’s pub located right in the heart of Whitman center. The Patio @ McGuiggan’s is also located right in the center and offers an upscale, contemporary menu, and serves lunch and dinner, Sunday Brunch, specialty cocktails, craft beer, and wine. Thai All Seasons located just off the center is a Whitman favorite for fresh, delicious Thai food.  Whitman is also home to some great breakfast spots (Cowbell’s Cafe, Ted's Place, and the Nellie Rose Restaurant), and some nice take-out options (Christo's To Go, Venus Cafe, and Supreme Pizza and Subs). For more information on Whitman restaurants, check out the "Favorite Whitman Restaurants" section of our Why We Love Whitman Blog.


Whitman Town Park is a great place to get outdoors. The park is well-maintained with beautiful landscaping throughout the year.  It has a cute little duck pond, nice walking trails, a big playground, basketball courts, baseball fields, and a community swimming pool. Wintertime brings fun for all ages with sledding on the hills and skating on the pond. Whitman is also home to Hobart's Pond, which is a popular fishing hole for local children. There is a paved walking path with water on both sides providing easy access to the water and ample “shoreline” to fish.  No trip to the park or fishing excursion would be complete without a trip to Peaceful Meadow’s Ice Cream on the way home. Peaceful Meadow’s serves some of the most delicious homemade ice cream on the South Shore. People from all around come to Peaceful Meadow’s to sit by the idyllic pasture and enjoy their amazing ice cream.  For more information about things to do in Whitman, check out the "Things to Do" section of our Why We Love Whitman Blog.

Community Events

Whitman hosts a number of fun community events throughout the year.  Past favorites have included Winterfest, McGuiggans 5K, Summertime Concerts in the Park, Halloween Witches Crawl, 4th of July Celebration, Winterfest Carnival, Youth Sports Parades, the Annual Thanksgiving Day Football, and the Whitman Mother's Club's Annual Candy Cane Craft Fair and Banquet.  

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